CARTONI to showcase the latest innovation at IBC 2022

CARTONI to showcase the latest innovation at IBC 2022

CARTONI to showcase the latest innovation at IBC 2022

Highlights are the encoded E-MASTER 30 & E-MAXIMA 5.0 fluid heads versions. As of September 2022, all Cartoni heads over 30 kg capacity will have an “e” version, featuring high precision position absolute encoders with 4 million counts. Cartoni also provides a “V” box for gathering the position data matching with visual effects, led wall background, virtual advertising and more. The unique position of the encoders on the very pan and tilt axis ensures a millimetric precision of the reading with no backlash.

Also new the ultra-smooth P40 Pedestal, a mid-range pedestal that addresses the need between the lightweight P20 pedestal and the heavy-duty P70 pedestal, offers 45kg capacity with a large variety of operating height due to the telescopic lateral supports. The P40 combines perfect balance and on-shot movement for OB and is ideal for most light studio configurations, PTZ, including teleprompter, while the dolly operates with high precision double wheels, lockable in 6 different positions and with positive brakes.

The bestselling Focus/Red Lock systems, the perfect support for news, documentary, corporate and events shooting along with the unsurpassed patented Smart Deployment System (SDS) a tripod for the fastest set up, one lever 2 stages. In carbon fiber or light aeronautical alloy, it features the patented Smart Spreader, foldable in an instant and allowing super low positions with the double telescopic extension. SDS supports all the Focus heads with excellent no torque stability, and virtually no maintenance, easy to clean after a shot in the mud or sand.

Cartoni’s PTZ Pro Solutions inspired by the rapid rise of PTZ cameras usage in studios, is a complete line-up of PTZ Solutions allows the placement of PTZ cameras in a safe, multipurpose, and user-friendly way.


The PTZ Solutions are the PTZ tripod, non-invasive, though robust, lightweight PTZ stand, and the half bowl support for levelling the P20 PTZ Pedestal for newsrooms, and small studios. P20 PTZ Pedestal, allows users to mount a teleprompter. In addition to this, Cartoni is offering a series of functional accessories such as the “T-Bar,” capable of carrying two or more PTZ cameras on the same Bar.

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