Paris, France – Wednesday, March 30 th , 2022: Cyber Group Studios, a leading producer and
distributor of animated series for children and families worldwide, is pleased to announce the
signature of several series agreements with Gulli (M6 Group), France's leading children's channel.

The deal includes the development of two original Cyber Group Studios properties, The McFire
Family and George Moby and Co., as well as the pre-acquisition of the recently developed third
season of the French hit animated series Taffy. All three shows are slated to begin production this

“We are extremely excited about this partnership,” said Pierre SISSMANN, Chairman and CEO of Cyber Group Studios and co-creator of the three projects. “We have very much enjoyed working with the Gulli team on these series, which have both French and international appeal and are already generating strong interest worldwide.”

The McFire Family, created by Pierre SISSMANN and co-written with Cyber Group Studios Vice
President of Development Ira SINGERMAN (Press Start!) and Head Writer Jacqueline MOODY
(Gigantosaurus), is a 52×11’ CG series aimed at kids ages 5-8. The series follows a family of superhero
firefighters and rescuers whose powers stem from the inventive lifesaving technology they have developed. Their ancestors were the very first firefighters in history and the legacy continues with
three siblings, 12-year-old Tom, 10-year-old Sparkle, and 6-year-old Jax. This next generation
of “super-firefighters” join their parents and grandpa on exciting rescue adventures, using cool
vehicles and high-tech gear to save the day.

George Moby and Co. is a 78×7’ 2D animated comedy series for kids and families. An original concept
from Cyber Group Studio’s Ahmed GUERROUACHE (Director of Taffy) with a series bible co-written
by Marine LACHENAUD Ahmed GUERROUACHE, and Pierre SISSMANN. This show follows the
adventures of a most unexpected and hilarious duo, George, a timid vegetarian lion, and Moby, a
vociferous and determined little mouse. George is looking to make his mark on society and gives
Moby a home inside his mouth, hoping that his new “inner voice” doesn’t do all the talking.
Taffy, the 2D cartoon comedy series created by Pierre SISSMANN, Emmy®-nominated Mike DE SEVE
and directed by Ahmed GUERROUACHE, returns for a third season, filled with crazy adventures,
characters, and settings that will create a whole new environment. The series follows the non-stop,
slapstick misadventures of a loyal hound dog named Bentley after his billionaire old lady owner,
Mrs. Muchmore, takes in a racoon imposter posing as a wide-eyed, fluffy Angora cat. In each
episode, Bentley tries to reveal Taffy for the varmint that he is – while super-clever Taffy handily (and
comically) turns the tables on the dog.

About Cyber Group Studios:
Founded in 2005, Cyber Group Studios is a leading multi-award-winning international producer and distributor of animated programs for an audience ranging from kids to young adults. The company is based in France, United States, UK, Italy, and Singapore. Its team is driven by a passion for creating great stories targeted to a global audience on all continents. Its five production studios share a strong culture of innovation, offering audiences the best storytelling, animation, and music experience. Cyber Group Studios produces its own content as well as third-party productions that are distributed worldwide on all digital and linear platforms. It also engages in large-scale marketing and consumer products licensing programs of its characters and properties.