LOS ANGELES/LONDON:  Ecoflix – the first not for profit global streaming platform dedicated to saving animals and the planet – announced today that THE LAST STAND will be the next release of its original feature documentaries, focused on the serious subject of the world’s last remaining ancient forests.  It will be available to view worldwide at Audiences can view the emotive film from 22nd April 2022, to coincide with Earth Day.

Produced and directed by award winning Canadian filmmaker, Peter von Puttkamer, known for his unique approach to adventure documentary, this emotive documentary, using the flashpoint of British Columbia’s “Battle for the Trees” at Fairy Creek, examines the importance of keeping intact forest ecosystems: in North America, the Amazon and around the world.

Narrated by esteemed actor and environmental advocate Peter Coyote (Ken Burns: The West, The National Parks, The Roosevelts, The Vietnam War, Hemingway), the film includes appearances by experts including Author/ Nat Geo Explorer/Ethnobotanist Wade Davis (The Serpent and the Rainbow) and Amazon Watch’s Exec. Director Leila Salazar-Lopez.

They and other forest defenders & experts speak about the impact trees/plants have on our atmosphere, including carbon sequestration and providing oxygen for us to breathe.   Filmed in various BC locations, in rugged forest terrain, visiting remote camps under siege, to speak with frontline protestors, the film features unique and compelling protest footage, from a variety of activist camera persons working on the ground at Fairy Creek.

The Last Stand reveals the urgent need to stop the ongoing destruction of our last remaining ancient forests. All issues are examined: including the need to protect not just the trees, but the habitats of earth (animal and human) that rely upon them.  At the same time, it examines and the economic impacts on industry as well as the rights of First Nations’ people.   Finally, the Last Stand looks at solutions: inspired by many, including cutting edge Silicon Valley companies.  It offers insights we can all follow to help save our precious forests and the air we breathe.

 David Casselman, Co-Executive Producer of The Last Stand, animal advocate and CEO of Ecoflix said; “I seek a world where the collective rights of animals, Indigenous people and nature are all properly respected, such that healthy forests, biodiversity and the global climate are properly valued and fully protected by governments, corporations and civil society.  Making films like The Last Stand bring the many pressing issues of deforestation to life.  One of our goals at Ecoflix is to offer a ready platform for all of the relevant voices that might not otherwise be heard.”

Ecoflix is a not-for-profit corporation, with a primary goal to educate, inspire and support meaningful actions which will deliver a tangible, measurable difference to help save animals and restore the planet. At the same time, Ecoflix aims to become the most trusted, ‘go-to’ media source for information, science and inspiration on climate change, whilst performing a crucially active role in saving animals and stabilizing the planet.

Focused on producing its own exclusive productions including original documentaries and feature programming, Ecoflix seeks to raise awareness and advance three of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (Climate Action, Life Below Water, and Life on Land).  In collaboration with The Ecoflix Foundation, as well as Trusts, Foundations and NGOs alike, Ecoflix champions a Circle of Giving, whereby donations to its partner non-profits, are also encouraged and facilitated.

Additionally, 100 percent of membership donations go directly to the animal and conservation initiatives we fund. Learn more about the projects we have already supported thanks to our members.

The Ecoflix non-profit mission is already underway as the team has rescued and supported animals across the globe.  This includes Kaavan the bull elephant relocated to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary in Cambodia with the help of Ecoflix and various other non-profit entities and partners including singer/songwriter Cher.