ARRI, a global leader in the motion picture industry, has announced a series of exciting developments that are set to redefine industry standards across production, equipment, and employee well-being.

The launch of SkyPanel X, the latest innovation in LED lighting, offers cinematographers resilience against harsh weather conditions. Celebrated by David Ungaro AFC for its “versatile and strong performance,” SkyPanel X boasts a waterproof design and smart rigging options, ensuring robustness and flexibility. ARRI invites professionals to experience SkyPanel X at their upcoming roadshow events.

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Simultaneously, ARRI is proud to introduce the ARRI Studio New York, a top-tier facility tailored for commercial content creation. The studio emerges as a creative hub, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an in-house support team. The recent launch event gathered New York’s creative minds, sparking dialogues and potential collaborations.

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In an educational stride, ARRI’s Munich headquarters hosted 80 MBA students from the Collège des Ingénieurs for a strategy course, providing insights into ARRI’s operations and future strategies. Dr. Matthias Erb and Dr. Raphael Kiesel led the initiative, reinforcing ARRI’s commitment to nurturing future industry leaders.

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Adding to its cinematography prowess, ARRI Rental introduced the ALEXA Mini LF Monochrome camera, developed in collaboration with cinematographers Ed Lachman ASC and Marko Massinger. This bespoke technology contributed to the unique visual narrative of Pablo Larraín’s film “El Conde,” which depicts Augusto Pinochet in a surreal light.

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Step behind the scenes of “Frieda’s Fall” with TRINITY 2 operator Osman “Ozzy” Öksüz

“The biggest challenge was to tell the story in different layers, from different points of view. The goal was to have the camera very close and intimate with certain characters. The TRINITY 2 allowed for precisely that, regardless of where the actors went or what they did, ensuring complete creative freedom in their movements.” – Osman “Ozzy” Öksüz

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Further enhancing the capabilities of the ALEXA Mini LF, ARRI released the Software Update Package SUP 7.3. This update extends support to the new Camera Control Monitor CCM-1 and the MVF-2 viewfinder, alongside introducing touchscreen functionality and various system enhancements.

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Lastly, ARRI’s dedication to holistic well-being was showcased during its first Health Day at the Munich headquarters. The event transformed the workplace into a fitness center, offering activities ranging from yoga to brain gym exercises, marking the beginning of an annual tradition aimed at promoting the health of its staff.

As ARRI continues to push the boundaries of innovation, these advancements underline its relentless pursuit of excellence across all facets of cinematography and corporate culture.